1. Use salt-free seasoning instead of salt and standard seasoning mixes.
If you're concerned about sodium but aren't willing to live a life of bland food, good news: Salt-free seasoning mixes have come a long way, and they're better than ever. Typically found in the baking aisle, these blends come in countless varieties and bring major flavor to your meals. There are even salt-free packets for dishes like tacos and meatloaf.
2. Use egg whites or fat-free liquid egg substitute instead of whole eggs.
Did you know a single large egg has about 70 calories and 5 grams of fat? A 1/4 cup of egg whites or egg substitute -- the equivalent of a whole egg -- has only about 30 calories and is virtually fat-free. If you're a three-egg omelette kinda person, that's a savings of over 115 calories and 14 grams of fat! Egg substitute, in case you're unfamiliar with it, is just real egg whites with added nutrients. And both egg whites and egg substitute work seamlessly in most recipes that call for whole eggs. All of the protein; none of the fat.
3. Use Tofu or other noodle swaps instead of Pasta.
When it comes to pasta, most people can't stop at a single cup (which has around 200 calories, by the way). Luckily, there are lower-calorie noodle alternatives that allow you to enjoy larger, more realistic servings.

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